Editing the website

This page contains documentation for how to edit the website. Please add to it as you see fit.

General editing 

TRY TO REMEMBER THAT USERS WILL BE VIEWING THE PAGES ON A WIDE VARIETY OF DEVICES. Resize the width of the screen to approximate their experience.

Don’t use hard line breaks, since that will look strange across devices.

Don’t use language like “the chart on your left,” since it may not be on that user’s left.

Visual mode is what you’ll normally edit items in. If you need to edit the HTML, click on the Text tab.

If you see a bunch of HTML on the page, click Page Builder button.

Each section has its own properties, e.g. background color, padding, width.

To get a change to appear immediately on the site:
–Click  Delete Cache in the white on black menu

You can use the Revisions section on each page to revert to a previous version.

Click the Preview button in the right column to view a page before updating it.

When adding an image to the Media Library, always add a description to the Alt Text section. This is what search engines use when indexing images, and also what screen readers read for disabled users.

When replacing an existing image, make sure the new image has the same dimensions as the old one. You can find the dimensions of an image by looking in the Media Library and clicking on the image.

To add a new page to the menu:
–create the page first and publish it
–on the Dashboard page, choose Appearance > Menus
–in Select a menu to edit, choose “KAPA Main Menu (Top Navigation Menu)” and click select
–in the Pages box in the left column, choose the Most Recent tab. The page you created should be at the very top. Check the box next to the page, and click “Add to Menu”
–The page you chose has been added to the menu, but at the very bottom of the page. Scroll down and look in the Menu Structure section of the page until you find the page you just added. Drag and drop it into the correct location of the menu. NOTE: If you drag the page to the right, it will become a submenu item of the menu above it.

Changing a header image (images are 1800×420)
–Click the Pencil icon on the Row
–Delete the existing background image
–Click the green + to add an image
–Select the new image in the Media Library


Adding social media icon and link at the footer

–Click on Salient
–Select “Social Media”
–add your social media link beginning with https://
–Click “save”

–Select “Footer” and click on whichever social media icon you’d like to use


Other Resources 

Add a link to text:
–Select the text
–Click the Link icon
–Click the Gear icon
–Paste the URL. If it’s an external link, click the “Open link in new tab” box.

Candidates for Congress 

Remove a candidate:
–Delete the Image and Text boxes in the column
–Drag and drop the existing Image and Text boxes so the candidates remain in alphabetical order

Add a candidate:
–Duplicate a candidate row
–Edit the Image and Text box in the appropriate position
–Delete the extra Image and Text boxes
NOTE: Candidate images are 674×450

Edit the Congressional House Districts table:
–Click the Pencil icon in the Raw HTML box
–If it’s a simple change, edit the text directly. If it’s more complicated, copy and paste the HTML into an HTML editor, make the changes, and paste the results back into the box. DON’T USE WORD.

If videos don’t show make sure to include: