Koreans Americans for Political Action Announces Endorsement for Los Angeles County Sheriff

Washington, DC May 17, 2022 – The Board of Directors of Korean Americans for Political Action (KAPA) today announces that KAPA is endorsing Chief Cecil Rhambo for Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Chief Rhambo is currently the Chief of Airport Police at Los Angeles International Airport. He leads the nation’s largest dedicated airport public safety force, with more than 1,100 personnel under his command.

Adopted from Korea as an infant, Chief Rhambo was raised by his parents in Compton and South Los Angeles. He began his 33- year career in law enforcement at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office following his graduation from Humboldt State University and earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Woodbury University. Quickly moving up the ranks, Chief Rhambo led several initiatives, task forces and newly created departments and bureaus that integrated law enforcement with addressing issues of homelessness, mental health challenges and other social crises.

After retiring from the LASD in 2014 as Assistant Sheriff, Chief Rhambo served as Assistant City Manager of the city of Carson and the City Manager of Compton.

“We are pleased to offer our endorsement of Chief Rhambo because of his long record of over 33 years of serving the public during which he has garnered staunch support amongst his colleagues as well as city-wide for his accomplishments and, perhaps more importantly, how he has achieved them,” said Hon. Sukhee Kang, Chair of the Board.

“Chief Rhambo has played a significant role in helping to bring the Korean and African American communities together through better understanding from better communications. While this has been difficult at times, Chief Rhambo’s own Korean and African American heritage and background has given him a unique and authentic voice in helping to make both communities stronger together,” Kang continued.

“Lastly, we acknowledge and appreciate the fact that Chief Rhambo continues to hire and promote officers under his command who are of Asian and Korean descent. Representation for Americans of Korean descent in all sectors of society is critically important, including law enforcement, locally and nationally. It is for these reasons the Korean Americans for Political Action (KAPA) gives its support to Chief Rhambo and calls upon its members to do the same,” concluded Kang.




The Korean Americans for Political Action is a national non-partisan 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to motivating, organizing and supporting Americans of Korean descent to become more directly involved in the American political process to promote legislation and policies that benefit Korean Americans and the American society. For more information, please send an email to info@kapaction.org or visit the KAPA website at www.kapaction.org