Koreans Americans for Political Action Announces Endorsements for 2020

Washington, DC October 26, 2020 – The Board of Directors of Korean Americans for Political Action today announces that KAPA is endorsing the following candidates for Congress:

    • Andy Kim – New Jersey (D-3rd District)
    • Michelle Park Steel – California (R-48th District)
    • Young Kim – California (R-39th District)
    • David Kim – California (D-34th District)
    • Marilyn Strickland – Washington (D-10th District)


Following the participation of these candidates in a KAPA webinar on September 30, the Board convened to vote on endorsing these candidates based on the following criteria:

    1. Willingness to work towards building stronger relationships between Americans of Korean descent with all communities.
    2. Willingness to work to increase the voice, access and opportunities of Americans of Korean descent related to financial assistance for small and medium-sized business owners, healthcare, voting rights, pathways to citizenship for adoptees.
    3. Public positions that support the importance of a sustainable and peaceful US relationship with the Korean peninsula.
    4. Willingness to champion legislation in support of the above issues.
    5. Values Korean culture.


“We are pleased to offer our endorsement of these Congressional candidates, not based on their respective party affiliations, but because they have committed to support the issues that are important to Americans of Korean descent. This will mean working in a bipartisan manner on legislation and policies that not only benefit Korean Americans but all Americans,” said John Lim, Chair of the Board of KAPA.

KAPA previously endorsed Congressman Andy Kim and candidate Young Kim in 2018.





The Korean Americans for Political Action is a national non-partisan 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to motivating, organizing and supporting Americans of Korean descent to become more directly involved in the American political process to promote legislation and policies that benefit Korean Americans and the American society.

For more information, please contact David L. Kim at (202) 573-3380, email at info@kapaction.org, or visit the KAPA website at www.kapaction.org